Strength in Numbers

The Bird Forms are best displayed in groups of three or more — strength and visual conversation in numbers. Advertisements

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Museum of Glass 2008

Museum of Glass, Tacoma Washington

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Name: Darin Denison

Occupation: Glass Artist

Years in the Glass Industry: 14

Public Exhibit: Traver Galleries

Creative Association: Lino Tagliapietra, Nancy Callan, Paul Cunningham, Ethan Stern, Martin Blank, David Wight, Dante Marioni, Kait Rhoads, Dale Chihuly, Benjamin Cobb, Preston Singletary, Jay Macdonell, Sam McMillen

Home Town: Cassadaga, New York

Interests outside of the Glass Industry: Scotch & Oysters, friends, dog parks, art openings, observing nature.

Role Model: Buddha…nothing is permanent.